Blockchain Innovation: Lirax & Takamaka

Form today, LIRAX will use the TAKAMAKA Blockchain Technology for notarization activities.

Takamaka is currently the only Italian-Swiss Blockchain entirely written on JAVA.

The Takamaka Proof of Stake (TPoS) consensus protocol provides network access to investors, node supporters, stakeholders, and a constant reward, which indirectly offers users a fast and secure network that is easy to program can carry out permanent transactions up to 1,200,000 Tx / h.

The Takamaka blockchain is calibrated on a defined volume of transactions capable of satisfying B2B with high performance and certainty of costs for the execution of Smart Contracts.

Takamaka is a native “Takamaka Proof of Stake” TPoS, cryptographically secure and with a new chain selection rule, which allows new and offline participants to join the blockchain, using only the trusted copy of the genesis block and the client, without further advice, such as checkpoints or assumptions about past availability (knowledge of the entire history of the chain). Furthermore, the Takamaka protocol is independent of both the maximum network delay and the minimum or top level of Stake availability.

This essential synergy is synonymous with a technological revolution that aims to spread and promote data security and certainty on the web. Lirax, as an innovator in the traceability of skills and meta-data, wants to offer a new degree of usability to both the private and public.

In this sense, the choice of TakaMaka has allowed us to interact with a new generation open-source blockchain, with a high degree of security and reliability, but above all, entirely developed and programmable JAVA. The qTesla technology natively integrated into the Takamaka algorithm can guarantee the cryptography part’s safety and the block signature algorithm (provable secure). Simultaneously, the limit for altering the chain for the distribution of commissions is 50% + 1.

By exploiting Takamaka’s Open Enterprise technology, Lirax is already “Quantum Resistant” to all intents and purposes, thanks to qTesla, a family of efficient post-quantum digital signature schemes, the result of a long series of research, born in the academic world since 2014.

Alessandro Civati ​​, CEO of LIRAX, expresses his satisfaction with the goal achieved and declares himself ready for new and vital challenges.

The use of Takamaka’s Open technology represents the evolution of a long path that will take us from Europe to the world with the next launch of Lirax Web Services. Technology, Innovation, Data Security is and will be the distinctive elements of our project .

The future has begun.

Lirax Intellectual Property Protection

Lirax Intellectual Property Protectioliran:

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LutinX digitally protect your idea, skills and values. We are an Hybrid Blockchain Platform KYC & AML Compliance with multiple Blockchain APPs in a single SUITE

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LutinX Inc.

LutinX Inc.

LutinX digitally protect your idea, skills and values. We are an Hybrid Blockchain Platform KYC & AML Compliance with multiple Blockchain APPs in a single SUITE

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